Monday, March 31, 2008

Under Contract!!!

We signed the papers tonight.  We will close sometime between April 15 and April 25 - it's still to be decided.    So thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes - we felt them.  

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Here's Max using his Dora painting book he got for Easter.  Notice his talon grip below.  He's no da Vinci, but he's got heart. 

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Morning

Another failed family photo

My girl

Abram and James trying to get all the kids to look one way

All the kids wondering what the heck Abram and James are doing

He is Risen

Here is a link to Jamie's blog.  She posted a beautiful compilation of testimonies of the Savior.  Happy Easter. 

Friday, March 21, 2008


So, remember the last time I posted about food?  Bruschetta Chicken Bake?  I went on and on?  Well, I made it a second time and I thought to myself, "was I just really really hungry when I so enjoyed it the first time?"  I mean, it's still a nice quick meal, but nothing to blog about.  So I implemented a new rule.  I will not write about a recipe on this blog until I have tried it twice.  

Fast forward several weeks.  I tried this chili and wanted to blog about it right away.  I restrained myself, thanks to my new rule, but I have now made it twice and it was just as delicious in the second go round.  So here's the link to Nook and Pantry, the blog where I found the recipe.  Warning: it is SPIIIII-CY.  For an equally tasty (probably more so), less sweat-inducing chili (yes, I've made it twice) check out Heather Bassett's Texas Red Chili recipe on my recipe blog.  

Oh, and can recommend using avocados as a garnish?  I never would have even tried it, but I just happened to have some leftover avocado and it was delish.  I will forever have them on hand now when I make chili.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey Big Guy

The last week our home has been bombarded by roofers, carpet guys, stagers, handymen, etc. Max refers to each of them as "big guys." As in, "Mama! Dose big guys on da ROOF?!" One estimator kept trying to carry on a conversation with me despite Max's incessant yelling, "Look Big Guy! Look!" as he drove his car around his train table.

So the house is ready to go. I will post some before and after pictures soon. Don't ask me why we didn't just do all of it a year ago so we could have enjoyed it ourselves.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

Okay, I've been debating posting this because I didn't want anyone to know what a horrible mom I am, but it must be told.  

I am exhausted.  Six months of interrupted sleep has taken it's toll.  The other night I woke up to Aviva crying.  I stumbled into our closet, because that is where she sleeps, in a bassinet that she probably outgrew a month ago, and picked her up.  She started crying even harder and I held her up to my shoulder.  I put one hand down on her bottom and thought, "what in the world?  Is that her knee or something that came out of her pajamas?  What?"  It wasn't until I laid her down on my bed that I realized I had picked her up upside down.  

That's right, I am delirious.  

Photos From the Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dinner at the Park

We went to a park in Del Ray tonight with the Viray's and the Hales.  Taqueria Poblano is around the corner, so we got take out and let the kids play.  It was a beautiful thing.  In my opinion, there's no better way to go out to dinner with your kids.  This may have to become a tradition. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Noah + Aviva

This is a photo of Noah and Aviva.  Noah lu-huves him some Aviva, if you can't tell from the photo.  She's the first person he asks for when he comes over or when he sees us coming to his house.  Sometimes we have to protect her from all the love, but generally, he is very gentle with her.  And she thinks he is a crack up.  I watched Noah yesterday and put her in the swing next to the table he was playing at.  She laughed and cooed and giggled the whole time.  I think she appreciates that he is the only person who is willing to give her undivided attention all of the time.  

While we're on the subject of Aviva, I took her to her 6 month appointment today, and it turns out she has only gained 3 ounces since her last appointment!  Obviously this is not good news.  So here is the doctor's advice:
  • drink more liquids 
  • make sure you're eating enough (I let him know this was definitely not the issue)
  • nurse her in a quiet environment where she won't be distracted 
Where exactly he thinks I'm going to going to find a quiet environment, I don't know.  So it looks like I will be focusing on drinking lots of water.  That just doesn't feel like it's going to be real effective, so we are also recommitting to get her to take a bottle.  Wish us luck, I'm a little skeptical.  

A Job!

Abram accepted a job today at Butzel Long.  Despite the unfortunate name, they are a great Detroit firm that Abram is really excited about.  The really good news is that they have an Ann Arbor office.  He will start in Detroit for a few months and then split time between the two offices.  We couldn't be happier.  Now if we could just sell our house...  the even more good news is we have a flexible start date, so whenever we sell the house, that's when we'll make the move.  

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hot Dog Monster

At around 8:30 every morning I tell Max I'm going upstairs to put Aviva down for a nap.  He then plays trains or finds something else to entertain himself.  Yesterday I came down after putting her down and asked him if he wanted breakfast.  We walk over to the dining room table and I see that he has already found his own breakfast....Notice the empty hotdog bag on the table.  My jaw hit the ground.  "Max, you ate four hotdogs?"  (Well, 3 and a half - note the chewed up and spit out dog on the seat).  He got in big trouble for taking food out of the refrigerator with out asking me.  About an hour later I was cleaning up the family room when I saw this...
Sick.  At least he didn't actually eat four hotdogs, right?  Hopefully I won't find some half eaten buns molding in a corner somewhere in my house a week from now.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Big News

Well, I'll just come right out and say it.  We're moving back to Ann Arbor.  Abram is watching American Idol with Lisa as I write.  He has a couple of interviews with Detroit firms on Thursday and Friday, and I just posted listings for our house on Craig's List and in the Washington Post (we're going to try and sell the house on our own to save a little moo-la).  

Not surprisingly to most of you (or at least not to my retired neighbor, Joanne, who let me know she saw Abram's town car pulling in at all hours of the night and said to herself, "I appreciate that he is working his little tooshie off, but Kristin's over there with an infant and a toddler, all alone."  Who knew they were watching?  I'm glad to know I had her silent moral support though :), we decided we want Abram to be home a little more often.  And when he's not home, it's gonna be real nice to have my parents and Shawn and Lisa just a few minutes away.  

So while I can't even tell you how sad we are to be leaving the wonderful friends we've made here, and being only an hour away from Abram's family, I am really excited to move home.  Literally.  Shawn and Lisa are looking for a house and we are going to move into Mom and Dad's while they are in Australia.  Along with the excitement come little panic attacks - What if we don't sell our house?  What if we don't find a job?  But we always seem to end up feeling good about it, so Pizza Bob's, here we come. 

And please no one mention the weather.  I know, okay?  

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Late Tuesday Night...

My conversation with Abram tonight:

A: I'm ready for bed.
K: Well, I guess I won't be going to bed with you.  I still have to finish up on the computer and then go buy some brisket from Giant.
A: sigh
K: Well, you could go pick up the brisket for me.
A: I'm not good with brisket.  Every time I try to buy you brisket I can't find it anywhere.
K:  rolling eyes Really Abram?
A:  Kristin.  Yes. 
K: Have you ever asked anyone to show you where it is?
A: Kristin.  I can not go into that store and ask someone where the brisket is.  No way.

(at this point I tuned him out while he went on and on about this nonsense about men and meat - give me a break). 

K:  I'm not even listening to you now. 
A:  Kristin.  Me asking someone for help with meat is like you asking someone to tell you where the tampons are. 
K:  I would have no problem walking right up to the first person I saw and asking them where they are. 
A:  Okay, imagine you are standing right in front of all of them.  Would you call someone over and ask, "which ones have wings?"  

At this point I lost it.  I mean, no one in the entire world can make me laugh like Abram.  


Yesterday Marianne told me if I didn't trim Max's hair she was going to come over and do it herself.  So to save her the trip... last night Max was eating his dinner and I came up behind him and cut a big chunk off the bottom.  He froze as I started doing it, then turned around and said, "What that mama?"  I tried to hide it, but finally told him I cut his hair.  Instead of freaking out like I expected, he said "Do again Mama, do again."  So I kept going and he would giggle and pull his shoulder up to his ear every time he heard a snip.  
When I finished, very pleased with the both of us, I sat down next to him and he sad, "Now Max cut Mama's hair."  We had a stern talk about how he is never to cut anyone's hair, but if you are the mother of one of his friends I wouldn't leave your child alone with him anytime soon. 

Monday, March 3, 2008

Two Minutes

Max was watching TV this morning and I said, "Don't you want to go play with daddy before he goes to work?"  He thought about it for a moment and yelled downstairs, "Two minutes daddy!  I play with you two minutes."  
I told him one time I was setting the timer for five minutes and then it was time for bed.  "NO!"  Two minutes mama, two minutes."  I was happy to oblige.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

A couple years ago I was chatting with my high school's athletic director about my brother Garrett's state championship basketball team.  She made some snide remark about how she bet my dad wasn't at every single basketball game I played in (as opposed to Garrett's exciting men's basketball season).  I looked at her like she was crazy and said she was obviously at hardly any of my games because Bob Quinn was at all of them.  Which leads me to one of my favorite stories about my dad. 

My senior year we were 10-5 when my coach got fired.  We won the rest of our regular season games.  We proceeded to win the district championship which was a bit of a shocker.  Then we won the regional championship.  The next thing we know we are headed to the state quarterfinals when my dad realizes that he is supposed to be the keynote speaker at some important conference somewhere.  There wasn't a flight that left late enough for him to watch the game or early enough the next morning for him to get there in time.  So he calls his client, explains the situation, and the guy rearranges the conference so that my dad can make it to the game.  

I don't think I will ever doubt that I am a significant part of my dad's life.  This is just one example.  I know he sacrificed for my family countless times over the years, but I'm just so glad that I have this particular experience to treasure and know that my dad loves me.   

I love you too dad, and I hope to give my children the same confidence in me that I have in you. 

P.S.  We lost by 2 points in double overtime.  I know, horrible end to a great story.  


I don't want to brag, but I'm gonna.  Last night we had the Hales and the Virays over for dinner and it was sooooooo good.  Oh man.  Good.  So here you can find the recipe for BBQ Spare Ribs and Gary's Mac 'n Cheese.  Be prepared for ecstasy.

p.s. Mary played in our basketball game today and either she was a rock star in high school, or finally eating some protein did her right.  

You Better Work

Yesterday I went around the house washing walls and furniture and Max wanted to help.  So got him a rag and he went to work.  It was so cute, he just followed me around for a good 10 minutes washing away.  Oh, and letting me know when I missed a spot.  That's always encouraging.  I love the little munchkin.