Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Winner

I don't want to brag but.... Abram has entered I don't know how many fantasy footbal leagues over the past 7 years that we've known each other.  He's never won.  

This year he and I entered a fantasy American Idol league and... I won!  The whole thing!  Can you believe it?  So now I have $350 I get to spend any way I like.  So I would like some imput from you, dear readers.  How should I spend my moola?  Here are some ideas...

  1. Pay someone to watch the kids for a weekend while Abram and I go to Lake Michigan (this would obviously take a little extra cash, but might be worth it).
  2. Buy some Kitchen stuff I've wanted/needed for a while - rice cooker, dutch oven, crepe pan, you get the idea.  (This may seem really lame to some of you, but It would be a little like Christmas shopping for me).
  3. An iphone
What do you think?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

We had our annual Cinco de Mayo fiesta last week.  Here is a little footage.  I don't know why I turned off the camera when I did.  The ensuing chaos was impressive.  I mean, if you want to see a bunch of well mannered children turn into vicious animals in a matter of seconds, break a pinata open in the middle of them.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Max's New Bike

Max got his first bike!  He rode it all the way to Keely's house the other day with Abram.  Abram later told me that while Max was riding he was saying, "Mommy is going to be so proud of me.  She's going to be so proud of me she is going to get me a trophy."  Abram and were both impressed that he made it all the way over there.  Abram was less impressed when he had to carry the bike all the way back home.

I'm pretty sure the trophy thing came up because he recently found a bunch of Uncle Garrett's old basketball trophies in the basement.  Max has been fascinated with Uncle Garrett since his last visit.  Whenever we talk about how healthy food will help him grow up, he wants to know if it will make him grow up at big as Uncle Garrett.  And when telling Max the story of David and Goliath, we were able to put Goliath into perspective by explaining that he was even bigger than Uncle Garrett. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Ready

This is the dress Aviva wore to church last week.  It is not however, the first dress she wore that day.  I was really on top of my game and had her ready to go at least a half hour before it was time to leave.  Hair done, face clean, onsie on, dress on, shoes on...  I was feeling really good about myself.  

In the midst of my satisfaction I looked over at her and she was peeing on the carpet.  What?  I was so confused.  How could she be peeing on the carpet?  I grabbed her and realized that I missed one important getting ready step:  diaper on.  

Really, what is wrong with me?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A few thoughts from our family on our favorite mothers:

Delsa --
1. She helped me make chocolate chip cookies in Australia.
2. She lets me live in her house.

Mimi --
1. She makes good pictures.
2. She plays with me.

Mommy --
1. She helps me be happy.
2. She makes me be super-happy.
3. She takes pictures of me.
4. She helps me pray.

Delsa --
1. Ugh.

Mimmy --
1. Ugh.

Mommy --
1. Argh.

Mimmy --
1. Taught me to become the man I hope to be.
2. Taught me to laugh and play.
3. Loves my kids as much as I do.

Delsa --
1. Never had a better roommate.
2. Taught my wife to become the woman that she is becoming. (And, not coincidentally, the woman I hoped she'd become :) .)
3. Lets me live in her house.