Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A few thoughts from our family on our favorite mothers:

Delsa --
1. She helped me make chocolate chip cookies in Australia.
2. She lets me live in her house.

Mimi --
1. She makes good pictures.
2. She plays with me.

Mommy --
1. She helps me be happy.
2. She makes me be super-happy.
3. She takes pictures of me.
4. She helps me pray.

Delsa --
1. Ugh.

Mimmy --
1. Ugh.

Mommy --
1. Argh.

Mimmy --
1. Taught me to become the man I hope to be.
2. Taught me to laugh and play.
3. Loves my kids as much as I do.

Delsa --
1. Never had a better roommate.
2. Taught my wife to become the woman that she is becoming. (And, not coincidentally, the woman I hoped she'd become :) .)
3. Lets me live in her house.


xóchitl said...

here, here!
isn't it great to be surrounded by such stellar women?

Delsa said...

Would you have thought that I was a good roommate if I hadn't cooked for you?
I love what Aviva had to say, it really makes me feel special.