Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Wucy wants a Tookie"

Max has a hard time with his Ls. And with this Rs... okay, and his Cs and Ks. I have a friend who says she can never deny Max when he asks for a "Tookie." So sometimes it really works for him. And sometimes not.

We were with his friend Collin who stopped him and said "Why do you keep calling me Tollin?" Max gave one of his infamous eye rolls, sighed and explained "I talk different." It makes me laugh, but it also makes me want to hug my baby and tell him he talks just fine.

Daddy's Notes 5.13.2010

Dear Posterity: sorry it has taken so long to update Daddy's Notes. But frankly, most of these are Kristin's stories and I'm telling them second-hand. She will likely (in classical Delsa fashion) have corrections. Until then, I get to write history.

1. Max doesn't want to be a dad. Max told Kristin the other day that he didn't want to be a dad. When pressed, he told her it' s because dads are too silly. Kristin said that silly dads were fun, and asked if Max was glad his dad was silly (yes) and fun (yes) -- Phew! But then Max said that the real reason he didn't want to be a dad is because he doesn't want to be bald. Ouch.

Too many bald men in his life (me, Grandpa Bob, and Grandpa Walt). I guess maybe it's a legitimate fear.

2. Maxwell Jeremy Ellis. The other day Max went to the bathroom and he closed and locked the door. Aviva was following Max around and was upset that Max had locked the door on her. Their conversation through the door went something like this:

A - Maaaaax. Mr. Max. Open the door Mr. Max
M - No.
A - Max Jeremy, open the door NOW!
M - NO! Don't call me Jeremy!
A- Mr. Jeremyyyyyyyyy....

3. Yes sir, Yes ma'am. Kristin has decided to whip the kids into shape by way of stickers. Every time one of the kids responds to a request from us with "Yes ma'am" (or, from one of my requests with a "Yes sir"), the kids get a sticker for their Yes ma'am/Yes sir chart. If they fill up the chart, they get a new toy. They only need 100 stickers each. So far, they've been at it for two weeks and they've each got about 15 stickers. Should take a while.

4. Leo is happy. Even when he's sick -- and sadly, that's been regular the last few weeks, with ear infections, an allergic reaction to pencillin, etc. -- he's a smiley kid. He especially loves his mom and has a special smile just for her. I wish I could describe it, or capture it on film. But he really does speak to Kristin with his eyes and his smile.