Sunday, July 29, 2007

And We're Back...

Hello all. Here’s our second attempt at keeping everyone updated on Ellis stories and pictures, yummy recipes, books we’re reading, and our humble opinions on various news and entertainment topics. You’ll notice we have a little poll on the right so you all can help resolve our arguments. We’ve really found that getting others involved in our marital problems does wonders for our relationship. So the first one is who your favorite dancer is on So You Think You Can Dance? You’ll notice I don’t have Lauren or Neil up there but that’s because I couldn’t stand either of them and thought they both should have been kicked off up until this past week. They’re both starting to grow on me, but out of principle I had to keep them off the list.
I think everyone knows we’re having a baby girl who is due on September 12. We decided to name her Aviva Quinn Ellis. Aviva is a Hebrew name that means springtime. No we’re not Jewish, and no she’s not actually being born in the spring, but we found it in a name book and really liked it, so there you go.
Max is doing well because he has no idea his world is about to be turned upside down in 6 short weeks. I went through stories I’ve been sending my parents for the past few months so here is an update on Max:
So I'm standing in the kitchen this morning when Abram comes up behind me, gives me a kiss on the cheek and smacks my butt. Not thinking much of it as this is a fairly common occurrence, I was totally taken aback when I felt a second smack to my bootie. I turned around to see Max staring up at me with a big grin. He was so proud of himself. Abram immediately started laughing, I on the other hand, couldn't even think of what to say. It was pretty disturbing.
Whenever I'm with Max in the car and he starts to fall asleep I started yelling, "don't fall asleep Max! We're almost home!" I'll sing, or tickle him, whatever it takes to keep him up so I can get him to nap when we're home. One day this week we came home (I hadn't been yelling at him to stay awake) I walked around and opened up his door to find him faking like he was asleep. I said, "Maaaax." And he kept his eyes shut, but couldn't help a huge smile from creeping across his face. So I said "Wake up!" And he he started cracking up, all the while keeping his eyes closed. It was pretty cute. It's become a new game for us now and he never fails to find himself hilarious.
We play a game with Max where I pretend that I'm asleep and he and Abram shush each other and whisper 1,2,3 and then scream to wake me up. In church today there was a little kid in front of us that fell asleep on his dad's shoulder. Max looked up at him, then at us, put his finger over his lips to shush us and whispered 1... 2... Abram said, "Max, NO." Max smiled, said three and then screamed right in the kids face in the middle of the sacrament. It was so funny, I couldn't stop myself from laughing.
This week Max was watching TV and started pushing a prodding me until I realized he wanted me to leave the room. I figured he must want to get into some kind of trouble, so I walked 1/2 way up the stairs and peaked around the wall to see what he was doing, expecting him to get up to the computer or something. Nope. He just climbed back up on the couch and sat down to enjoy his show. He really just didn't want me around! I was a little ticked. I told Abram this story and he laughed and asked if I went back downstairs. I scoffed and told him I most certainly did not. I went upstairs and read a magazine. I didn't want to watch his stupid show anyway.
So there you go. I'm real excited about our new blog, mostly because we no longer have to speak in the 3rd person every time we write. So we're all caught up, and now it's your turn to catch up since I haven't heard from most of you in a while. I'd love to hear what's going on.
Love to all of you,


Larissa Kindred said...

Yay! It's so fun to hear from you guys. Jeff is still laughing about the booty smack. He can't wait to teach that "move" to Beck. Smooth. Max sounds like he's comedy, and sorry Abram, but I still stand by my first assessment that he looks like Kristin. I'm happy about your switch to the blog medium. I can't wait to hear more news, especially about the new baby!

Sandy said...

love the blog!! I am so glad I can stalk your cute family all the time now and see what you're up to :-)

KA said...

I can't believe you're not even going to give me one shred of credit for trying to convince you to do a blog like, I don't know, a year ago.

MwH said...

I love your blog!! So glad you joined the blogging world. Isn't it fun when you get a new comment :)? Nikolai woke up this morning asking for Max, Noah Kristin and Abram and singing Ring Around the Rosy. We think he must have been dreaming about nursery and missing you all. Can't wait to see you in a couple days! :)

Kristin said...

I would like the world to know that Kristen nee Razy told me a year ago I should make the EFN a blog.

And Larissa, you win the prize for the fastest blog response EVER. I love it.

Kate said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Looks great.

Jana said...

I know what you mean about Lauren. She BUGS! But Neil is also growing on me. I am addicted to that show. I wish it was on all year. And maybe even every night. :) I have nothing to watch. I can't wait to see your little baby. Back to SYTYCD. . . is it just me or is Lacey a bit skanky? I mean, she is LDS right? I realize she is a dancer, but she can still have some standards. (thinking back to the hip hop dance inthe school girl costume) YOU REMEMBER!!! Naughty.

Owens D.C. said...

Long over due! So glad you're on board with the blogging train. You look amazing in all your photos and can't wait for this new little girl. I love the name and sure it will suit her perfectly! Hope all is well, we should get together soon!

Whit said...

Yeah!!! I am glad you have shifted over to the blogger side of things. Not that I am too good at keeping mine up - I do love to look at others more often than update my own... I love the name you have chosen. It is really pretty - I have never heard it before. Love it. By the way you aren't the only one who gets a booty smack every now and then... it is becoming a daily event for me and my tush with Hudson and Spencer. You have to laugh at how stinkin' smart they are! And about SYTYCD, so I must disagree with you; I really like Neil. We really miss you guys!

Whit said...

UPDATE - for crying-out-loud... seriously! I want to know how you are feeling, just a couple more weeks!

Whit said...

Okay I am the retard... I had your site plugged in wrong. It always went straight to your one entry... I do think I might be in some need of help. Forget my last comment!