Sunday, November 9, 2008


Aviva can't quite say Max's name.  At all.  Instead, she calls him "Dah."  When Aviva awoke this morning, the first thing she said (still from inside her crib) was "Dah?" -- as in, where's Max?  I told her, Max is still asleep, but she didn't seem to understand.

So after a bottle, what did she say?  "Dah?"  Where's Max.  

After playing for a while with the toy door and some other toys, Aviva heard a thump from upstairs.  "Dah!" she exclaimed as she ran for the stairs.  Sure enough, there was her Dah.  She was so happy she started screaming (her happy scream) and ran up to meet him. 

I'm really glad Aviva likes Dah.  It makes me real happy.  


sterlingandbrandi said...

That is adorable! That's got to make Max love his little sis too!

xóchitl said...

Dah! That is so funny. It's so sweet that she can't wait to see him.
Abram can't clearly say his sisters' names either. And he always refers to them collectively, they're either both "Tanti" or both "Ma-in." He's not into details apparently.

Delsa said...

So what does she call Abram? Dah dah?