Sunday, December 14, 2008

A few notes from Daddy

Two weeks away from Christmas, these are the happenings in the lives of my kids (at least as I see them):

  1. Max is in partial potty-training mode.  He likes to wear big boy underwear, and is happy to use the toilet when we ask him, but really the only thing that motivates him to use the toillet himself is #2.  Apparently he's happy to sit in his own pee, but not his own poo. 
  2. Aviva loves peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, corned beef, and candy.  It makes me happy because no one else will eat PB&Js or Reubens with me.  
  3. Max wants LOTS of presents under the tree because that's how Christmas Trees look in the cartoon movies he's been watching.  Thanks Disney.  Thanks a lot.  I know that really it's my fault that I let him watch TV, but still.  I tried to turn the occasion into a teaching opportunity and really the only take-away was Max learning that he can trust his dad but not santa.  I don't know how it happened except that I was free-lancing.  Hopefully with Aviva I'll be a little better prepared.
  4. Aviva can cry and/or scream for an infinite period of time with little or no provocation.  Most recently (as in immediately before this post), she cried for 30 straight minutes as I first made a PB&J and then showered.  The crying started and stopped like a light-switch, with the only respite occurring while she shared the PB&J.  There is no ramp-up time and she has only two settings: quiet or full-throttle, "I'm really TO'd."  (Currently, she's screaming from the top of the stairs where Max and Keely were last seen playing; not sure if she wants me to rescue her or if she's waiting for Max and Keely to come back.)
  5.  I'd forgotten how cold Michigan gets.
  6. Kristin has started making Christmas candy.  Is there anything better in this world than a wife that is devoted to carrying on the traditions of her mother?  Didn't think so.  Not when the mother is DBQ.
  7. Max and I went out on the pond in the back a little while ago because it had frozen through.  Max loved it and it reminded me that sometimes all it takes to make a kid happy is to show them something novel.  
  8. Max and Aviva have lots of tender moments, especially in the morning and at night, right before bed.  A few nights ago, Max and Aviva hugged for a good 10 minutes.  And no one can make Aviva laugh like Max can.  I have come realize why my own parents wanted so much for us kids to be friends.  It's the best thing in the world to see your kids love each other and play with each other.  
  9. It's going to be hard for Uncle Travis to be Aviva's favorite uncle at Christmas.  Background: every time we see Travis he does his best to win over the hearts of all his nieces and nephews until he is undisputedly the favorite uncle; it usually works.  Well Aviva has a fever, and the only cure is more Uncle Shawn.  Let's see what tricks you've go up your sleeve this year, Uncle Travis.  It's on. 
  10. Aviva likes when Kristin combs her hair.  I'm pretty sure it's an inherited preference, as Mimi Ellis LOVES to have her hair brushed.  


Rebecca said...

What a great update!

Talmage must have that same cry gene that Aviva has. Man, it gets OLD!

Aly said...

Aviva is a girl after my own heart with the love of Reuben sandwiches... and I learned it from my dad too! Good luck with the potty training. It took us forever and I've decided to let Emma train Ava. Wish I could sample the Christmas candy. I'm glad to hear you're keeping on the traditions of Delsa. The world would be a much better place with a few more Delsas.

Delsa said...

Abram, thanks for taking the time. I love to hear the tidbits about the family. It just warms my heart. You should write more often.

Aly, I love that you write on these posts. You have a way of brightening someone's day.(well, mine to be more specific)