Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daddy's Notes

  1. Lately, the thing I've been most grateful for is a wonderful wife.  I may appear to be a perfect husband and father, but I'm not.  I can be selfish, unintentionally harsh, uncompromising, etc. etc., and Kristin treats me like I am the perfect husband.  So thanks<>
  2. Aviva is exactly like a cat: cosmically powerful and intelligent, impossible to control (not that you'd want to control her), and absolutely adorable.  She consistently gives the meanest looks ever seen on an 18-month old and the best hugs, all in the space of about 2 minutes.  Plus, if she doesn't have enough hands to carry her toys, she'll put them in her mouth.  I always see her walking around the house with bottle in one hand, one toy in the other hand, and then her favorite stuffed animal (her giraffe/cow/???) in her mouth.  Super cute.  
  3. Aviva loves to get in trouble.  I try to give her the attention she wants/needs, so she doesn't feel the need to get in trouble to get attention.  I'm starting to think she just likes living on the edge.  Her biggest smiles come when I tell her "No" and she doesn't anyway.  Like this morning I told her "no" when she went to go play with a magic marker in Grandma Delsa's bedroom.  I'd never seen her smile so big as she ran as fast as she could straight back to the room.  
  4. The only thing that almost makes her as happy is winning.  Like when I tell her I can't play with her and then she overpowers me with her cat-like skills.  She gets really happy and smiles real big when she wins in these situations. 
  5. Max is potty training himself.  It's awesome.  Apparently, if you are sufficiently derelict in your parenting, the kids will raise themselves.  That, and a little candy helps.  Last week, we even had a "Potty Party" (which you feel really silly saying, by the way) the first day he stayed dry all day.  I'd post pictures, but we didn't take any.  Bummer.
  6. Max cares most about two things: ranch sandwiches and being fast.  The ranch sandwich consists of bread and ranch, no crust, and sometimes a slice of cheese.  His record is 10 in one day, I've been told.  As for being fast, he really, really wants to be fast.  I think it's because he's always racing with some of the big kids and they tell him he's slow.  So recently, he's been learning that vegetables make him fast and sugar makes him slow.  We normally don't let him eat sugary cereals, but when Aunt Shauri buys when, he can have some.  Well Max wants to be so fast, he even forwent Lucky Charms this week in the hopes of being faster.  
  7. Max's favorite song these days is the one he calls Grandma's Song and it's from a CD Grandma Delsa gave him.  Not sure what the song is really called, but the first line is "I've got a friend who's just pretend...."  Pretty stinking cute.
  8. Here are pictures of Max and Aviva helping me make Max's Potty Party cake: he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but Kristin convinced Max his favorite color is green so she could make a pistachio frosting. 


Amy said...

I'm sad I won't be seeing them until July. Congrats to Max on potty training!

Delsa said...

I love hearing about the kids, keep those stories coming. Aviva sounds like such a fun little gal. And if Max loves me he must be the best.

Aly said...

I bet Grandma Delsa especially loved the part about the magic marker in her room!

The Spin-ster said...

I don't think she caught the part about "friend who's just pretend" either...

Rebecca said...

I love those stories! They are so great! So maybe I already told you guys but we have some Michigan Law folks in our ward...Dallin and Bethany Flake. Their kids have the longest eyelashes I have ever seen.