Monday, April 20, 2009

Quotable Max

I realize there is a problem when Abram has posted twice in a row and I'm no where to be seen.  So here are a few of Mommy's Notes to make sure I stay relevant.  
  1. Our neighbor's daughter and grandson came into town this weekend and they invited Max to go to the Fire Engine Museum with them.  Later the mom pulled me aside to tell me how impressed she was with Max.  She said he was so happy and well behaved, they had a great time.  I of course told Max what she said and how proud I was of him.   He acted ever so pleased with himself while I told him everything and then at the end he shrugged his shoulders and said, "That's what big boys do, mommy."  
  2. A few weekends ago our friend Jamie came to visit with her cute kids, Walker and Olivia.  Walker kept calling Max, "Dallin" (his friend from home).   At the end of the weekend we were climbing into the car and Walker asked, "Where's Dallin?"  From the back of the car Max yelled, "I'm right here!"
  3. Uncle Garrett came to visit recently too.  Apparently he and Max had a lot of alone time where Garrett could feed him all sorts of ideas.  Case in point, Max said something the other day I was really impressed with and I said, "How did you know that?!"  He responded, "I'm just smart like my Uncle Garrett."  Indeed.  
A picture of Aviva, just for good measure.  Thanks to Jamie for the great photos!


Kristin Mulrooney said...

That Max IS a smart guy. He and Aviva are SO CUTE too!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh my gosh, that Max is hilarious!! I love that he answered to the name Dallin after awhile. And his story about "that's what big boys do" is just adorable! I love the picture of Aviva too. What a cutie!

Delsa said...

Those are cute pictures I have to agree with Elizabeth- and how are you Elizabeth Downie? It's about time you posted again. You guys are all getting pretty slack. That's where I get my laughs for the day.

jamie said...

It's funny because now Walker asks for Max all the time. So I think every boy is Max now! I still laugh when I think of Max answering to Dallin. What a trooper!

Mary Ester said...

How cool is that. I haven't any pictures of your family. I clicked on the family pic here on your blog. Saved it to my desk top and now...when I get that round-to-it...I'll print the pic off my home printer. Yea yea..I'm very low tech. Love checking out how your lives are going since I never hear from anyone on my Big Bro's side of the family. Some day maybe you'll fill me in as to why. Love ya lots from we two in SLC, MEA & EJA swak!