Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Days and Counting

I am scheduled to be induced on Friday! My list of things to do before the baby comes is almost done. One of those things was decorating for Christmas. Max and Aviva LOVE the ornaments. They play with them all the time and consequently, we have about half as many as we started with.

In other news, Aviva decided to potty train herself a couple weeks ago. She still has accidents here and there, but I would definitely consider her potty trained. It's a Thanksgiving Miracle. There is an awesome picture I wanted to post of her doing the dishes with just her panties on backward with a sweet half wedgie, but I figured it might not be appropriate for the internet.

Max and Aviva have become good friends lately. Well, maybe not good friends, but friends nonetheless, and it is awesome. I love watching them play together and how she follows her brother around and wants him to help her get out of her car seat, fix toys, and all the other things she used to have me help her with. I also secretly love how she teases him, then he retaliates, she cries or screams and then goes back for more. It's like I'm watching myself 29 years ago. Or one year ago, but who's counting?


Jana said...

HELLO!! The real miracle is that you are back to blogging.

Sandy said...

I second Jana's comment :) You look amazing and not like you're ready to give birth! Good luck on the big day!