Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We spent Christmas at Ryan and Amy's house and it was wonderful, as always. The best part - Grandma and Grandpa were there! Here's a little video of the kids climbing all over grandpa.

Grandpa's best line over Christmas: "Aviva has the body of Tinkerbell and the personality of Mr. T." Nice. His favorite game was to take anything in the room when she walked in and say "MY blanket (toy, food, etc.)," knowing she would immediately take the bait and start screaming that it is her blanket. The "played" like that all weekend which as you can imagine, was a real treat.

Christmas Eve we tried starting a new tradition with lots of different appetizers instead of a big meal. It was a big hit. Presents were a big hit too of course. I think Max loved all of his presents equally, but it is very clear that Aviva's favorite Christmas presents were her backpack, or "pack pack" as she calls it, and her new dress up clothes. I got her a bunch of girly tutu's, capes, accessories, etc. and then I threw in a doctor's coat, hat and instruments for good measure. To her parent's delight, the Dr. coat is by far her favorite. With the fancy elbow length gloves and clip on earings of course.


Elizabeth said...

I think Bob nailed it right on for Aviva, I am laughing so hard!

Jana said...

At least she knows how to wear the dr coat with style!! :)

Rebecca said...

How fun! That reminds me of when we got to be part of the Quinn Family Christmas Eve at Amy and Ryan's.

i heart C-ville
i heart Quinns:)

Jessica said...

I found this recipe for hot chocolate that I think you might like and if you need an assistant, I'm your gal: