Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddy's Notes

Here are a few stories; I wasn't present for all of them, but luckily Kristin shared a few with me:

  1. Look, squirrel! Not too long ago, we were driving to church and Max, per usual, had a fairly complicated question that Kristin had trouble answering with a simple response (sample questions from Max: how come the Moon never falls into the ocean?). In any event, Kristin was in the middle of answering when Max hollers from the back seat: "look, a squirrel." Kristin and I immediately looked at each other, laughing, both thinking of the dog from Up. As soon as we start laughing, Max smiles and says, "hey guys, remember that one show where that dog could talk and he said a lot, look squirrel. That's just like me." We were so proud. His first pop culture reference. Even if it was him being like the dog from Up.
  2. Purple's a girl color, unless you really like it. Today, Max's friend Gianna came to play. Really cool girl. Andrea and Dan's niece (sort of). She mentioned to Max that pink is her favorite color and it's a girl color. Max responded, "I really like purple. It's girl color too. But I just really like it." (Don't worry, Gandpa Walt, later Gianna tried to put bows in Max's hair and he refused.)
  3. Aviva loves Leo. A lot. Yesterday, she full-on straddled him and put her face right against his and repeated at least 10 times: you my best friend, you my best friend.
  4. Smiley Leo. Just like Max at this age, if you smile at Leo, he'll smile back. Doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or what you say. If you look him in the eyes, and smile, you are guaranteed a smile in return.

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Rebecca said...

I always love your "Daddy's Notes".

Talmage likes purple too:)