Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday in November

What would you say if you're at the mall, one lazy Saturday in November and you see two kids dressed like this?

Would you:

(A) Blame the mom?
(B) Quietly whisper to your kids to stay away from them?
(C) Leave the play area immediately?
(D) Encourage your kids to pull the "wild thing's" tail?

Today, we took our kids to the mall, and that's how they wanted to dress. We didn't put up much of a fight, but we did take a change of clothes. Except when we got there, we realized we didn't actually have a change of clothes for Max. So he walked around the mall as Max, King of the Wild Things.

At the play place, no fewer than 3 kids chased Max attempting to grab his tail. One little kid actually did get a grip on the tail for a minute and Max promptly dragged him across the floor. But it didn't deter the other kids, it only encouraged them. (The craftswomanship of the outfit really shined through today -- good work Larissa Kindred!)

Max also had his own fun with the tail. While walking through the mall, he had the unseemly habit of pulling the tail up between his legs so that it hung out the front of his legs. This was apparently my limit, because I told him that he could not have his tail hanging out in the front between his legs. He said he understood, but he still did it a lot.

Luckily, at the mall, we ran into some of our favorite people in the whole world Aida, James and Papa (Jamie). They were our neighbors in Quaker Hill. How we love them. For the first few years of Max's and Aviva's life, they had me as their dad and Papa as their Papa.

They didn't even notice that Max was dressed as King of the Wild Things and Aviva was dressed as ... something (Aviva said she was pretending that the pack of underwear was a bag of cookies and she was trying to go as Little Red Riding Hood; not sure I believe it). Other people at the mall clearly noticed. Many people were highly amused and I'm glad Max could bring some joy to their day. Other people were clearly not as amused. Luckily, Max didn't notice those people because he was too busy playing with the tail in front.


Amy said...

I love it. I would not have been one of the scorners at the mall. My dad used to dress in costumes at the mall and as a teenager, that was embarrassing.


Kristin said...

Hahahaha! Amy. I love you. And your dad.

Delsa said...

Wish I could have been at the mall to see it all, and who cares what others think if they are having fun. Having a hard time seeing the little red riding hood thing, but I guess my imagination is not as vivid as Aviva's. And what did Leo go as?

Aly said...

"We" usually go out in public as princesses or ballerinas... maybe i should get a wild thing costume for some variety. I used to fight it but now my girls know the rules: clean, modest and not to church or for family pictures! Gotta choose my battles you know?

xóchitl said...

Your kids are such a kill! Only because their parents allow them to be free and creative.

Justin said...

That's pretty funny