Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stowe, Vermont -- Abram's View

While Kristin was in Stowe, Vermont with the girls, Abram was in Alexandria, Virginia with the kids. It was a great weekend. Even though I had to enlist the help of our babysitter on the first two days (Thursday/Friday) because of work, Saturday and Sunday were just us and the kids. A few highlights:
  • Baltimore Aquarium. On Saturday I took all the kids to the Baltimore Aquarium and it was awesome. We learned that Leo is part dolphin. When one of the dolphins introduced himself with his dolphin-speak, Max looked up and said, "That's how Leo talks." And is if on cue, Leo proudly responded to the Dolphin with his own Leo sounds. Max and Aviva laughed very hard. I also learned that taking three kids anywhere where a stroller isn't allowed is like taking dogs on a log without a leash. And I am no dog whisperer. But the kids had a great time. I have no photos to prove it, but that's because I had three kids and no stroller. (Funny story: while I was in the parking lot near the aquarium, another family saw me get the stroller out. They told me no strollers allowed. Silly me put the stroller back in the car and then carried Leo/dragged Aviva the six blocks we needed to travel to get to the aquarium. Apparently, you're allowed to "check" your stroller at the aquarium. If I ever see that family again, I will update them on the aquarium's policies.)
  • Uncle James came over after Church on Sunday. And that's the only reason I made it. The whole weekend was great, except for Church, where I accidentally brought our super-bright markers and Aviva was wearing her flower-girl dress and a white cardigan (the mom behind me audibly gasped when Aviva first start pulled out the markers), Leo had a blowout during the sacrament so I had to drag all the kids to the men's bathroom to make the change and then drag them back in after (tough be reverent with all the dragging). So by the time church was done, I was ready for Kristin to come home. Luckily, James came over for dinner and maybe without even realizing it provided the adult companionship I needed to keep my sanity. Thanks, James. (Oh, and he helped clean up, which I'm sure Kristin appreciated!)
  • We normally have the kids get dressed, eat breakfast, and read a book of mormon story before they're allowed to watch TV. I fudged on those requirements over the weekend, and they loved me for it. I'm a bad dad sometimes, but it sure feels good to be loved.
Here are a few pictures of Aviva, unrelated to this weekend, but still cute.


Delsa said...

Don't you know that part of the reason for women going away for the week-end is so that you can experience their life. No fair fudging on the rules!!! Actually, we are glad you gave that gift to Shauri. I think Kristin was especially glad you gave the gift to Shauri. You are great!!!!
Also thanks for fixing this up so I get notice of your posts.

Aly said...

Amen to Delsa... I think all the moms are reading this and thinking that it sounds like a pretty normal weekend... especially those of us who take the kids to church on our own. But since you're not a mom, and actually braved an outing on your own, without a stroller even, I must admit I am indeed impressed!

xóchitl said...

here, here! very impressed. but certainly not unexpected for Big Abram to be so generous. all us women probably want our hubbies to read your post and say, "this could be you..." well, at least i will.

xóchitl said...

oh, i forgot to comment on little aviva's picture... do i see a little delsa? i can certainly spot some mischief in that sweet smile, but that's all kristin.