Friday, June 13, 2008

I Haven't Forgotten You Dear Blog

Lisa and Aviva

Okay, okay.  I'm still here.  I just haven't been able to bring myself to post anything amidst the chaos that has been this house.  Not to mention I just didn't have the time.  However, we helped Shawn and Lisa paint and move into their new house (seen here) last week and I have almost all of our things organized and put away.  So let the play dates begin!  

On of the great things about moving back to Ann Arbor is reconnecting with old friends.  My senior year of high school I was BFF with Ryan and she is one of the few people I have kept in touch with over the years.  She has kids the same age as mine and on Wednesday we had the first of what we have decided will be weekly play dates.  

Then I took Max and Aviva to the play place at the mall today and I ran into another friend from high school who has a little girl Aviva's age.  We made plans to get together next week. It's so crazy to me that I ended up in Ann Arbor, it just was never in my head that I'd ever settle down here, so sometimes I feel like I can't quite wrap my head around it.  

On Thursday I went with Elizabeth and Jill to pick strawberries with our kids.  And Keely and Gavin (Lisa's nephew), who consequently Max has decided to call Collin.  

They kept eating the strawberries out of my box until I got wise and told them they could only eat what they picked.  They didn't last long after that and ended up playing in the car.  Which resulted in a big strawberry stain in the back of our new car.  Sorry you had to read that here Abram, I forgot to mention it.    

P.S. did I mention that we bought a Honda Pilot? Love it. 

So while we didn't spend lots of time there, it was quite alright with me.  I picked just enough for Strawberry Shortcake that night, and to make freezer jam with the rest.  (Which by the way, is a first for me, so I'll let you know how that goes). 

So yes, I'm still here and recommitting myself to you, gentle readers.  Thank you for your patience.  



Rebecca said...

That dress is so stinkin' cute!

Delsa said...

I'm glad your back, I'm tired of checking everyday to find nothing.

xóchitl said...

i agree with delsa. and i wasn't too patient about it either. i decided that if you didn't post tonight, i was going to write you an email that said, "i'm bored. please post new stuff." i'm so glad i didn't have to.
it sounds like you've gotten settled quickly. a move isn't easy. and with litte ones? you're my hero.

Elizabeth said...

Hooray for more playdates during the week! We are excited you guys are here and if Max thinks Collin is Gavin when Gavin goes home, that would be great, hopefully they will become great buds.

KA said...

Glad you love your Pilot. And I would like a playdate and some strawberries. Pretty please.

Kristin Mulrooney said...

I am glad to hear you guys are settling in. Aviva looked so cute in that picture. Well, she looks cute all of the time. Just like her brother. I am glad you like the Pilot so much, it is a great vehicle.

Amy said...

Finally! I was thinking maybe you started an alternate blog and I got left off the list. I'm glad you're having fun with your new friends but we miss you here. Congratulations on the new car...suvs and kids are a great combination.