Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daddy's Notes

  1. Thanks to all the well-wishers who posted nice things about my recent celebration.  It's nice to feel so loved.  And to know that I've still got it. 
  2. Max is now old enough to realize that kissing Aviva on the lips is nasty.  And he refuses to do it.  He's single-handedly trying to teach Aviva to kiss on the cheek, and results have been very mixed.  Often, he ends up with a trail of drool starting at his cheek and slowly working its way over to his lips.  That too is nasty.
  3. Aviva has developed  excellent non-verbal communication skills.  Her commands are easily given to her underlings (me and Kristin) by (1) a wave of a hand in the direction of the object she wants -- she keeps waving until we've selected the right object; (2) she brings us her shoes whenever she's bored -- it's her "get me out of this house" line; (3) she reaches up and pulls your finger when she wants to go to a different room; and (4) has the meanest look of any girl since KQ was a baby.
  4. Max is an excellent craftsman.   Many of you saw Kristin's post on the busybox, well I'll tell you what, Max is now way better at crafts than me.  This morning, we tried to do a valentine for mom, but Max eventually got so frustrated with me he went and asked Kristin to tell me how to do it the right way.  So there's Kristin, telling Max how to make her valentine.
  5. I sure do love living by family.  Max and Keely played together at one of those indoor play gyms this morning and nothing makes me happier.  We sure love cousin Keely.


Jana said...

That was sweet. Were you sucking up with the last comment since you already stated she has some pretty serious bad girl looks? Nice try. :)And even though we aren't "blood" family, we are hoping to get to live by you guys too. Stay put!

Delsa said...

I love reading your thoughts and feelings Abram. And how do you know Kissy Krissy had some mean looks? Oh, you've probably seen her give them when she still gets into those situations with her brothers chasing her around the island in the kitchen because she has annoyed them.

xóchitl said...

i really like daddy's notes.
and i have to say i've never seen any glaring looks from KMQ. it's always peaches and sunshine. maybe that's an ellis thing?