Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I had a weekend...

This past weekend we celebrated our fifth anniversary.  We did so in two important ways.  First, we handed our children over to Shawn and Lisa for the entire weekend.  And second, we ate as well as possible.  

If you ever wondered what I would do with an entire weekend if I had one (and I know that has been on all your minds), here it is:

  • Run a few errands (so I feel productive)
  • Eat a cheesesteak sandwich from Mr. Spots
  • Browse my favorite specialty food stores.  
  • get my hair done
  • a little clothes shopping
  • Eat at my new favorite special occasion restaurant EVE.  I almost died of happiness Friday night
  • Go to bed by 9:30 and sleep until 6:30 with no interruptions.
  • Get up and go to Panera for breakfast.  Work (and by work I mean surf the internet) on my computer while Abram reads the paper.  
  • take a full hour to work out and watch Oprah
  • Take my sweet time getting ready for the day
  • go to breakfast again at Zingermans
  • take a nap
  • read
  • work on my food blog
  • go to a movie
  • Eat chocolate fondue with friends
  • sleep in till 8 on Sunday and then do more of the above until picking up my kids for church.
I am a new woman.  


Arah Debra said...

That sounds perfect! I'm so glad you were able to do that. You were definitely due a break. You guys should trade back and forth with Shawn and Lisa more often.

P.S. I need some menu ideas from you. I sent you an email.

Delsa said...

I am so glad you got that week-end. I'm with Arah, you should each do that every couple months or so. Especially you had both better take advantage of it since you might be by each other for long. Oh, I know what you're thinking - then Mom can take care of them!! Well, sometimes that it is true.

RicAnn said...

You Lucky lady you! Sounds like you had great time. I need to plan a weekend like that :)

Jeff and Larissa said...

What a luxurious weekend! Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Aly said...

That sounds so heavenly!

Mandy said...

That sounds like what every mom needs. I am so glad you got a break! Thanks for letting us come play last night- the boys had a blast, and it was just what they needed! We had so much fun, going to miss you guys tons!

Mar said...

Wow. That does sound fabulous. There's something so liberating about being at HOME without kids....Happy 5th!

Michelle and Byron said...

Dang jealous! So glad you got your break, sounds dreamy. We've gone away for weekends without the kids, but never stayed here. I think that is the greatest idea EVER! Want 4 kids this weekend?

Owens D.C. said...

WOW! It's been awhile since I've checked, you know how busy life is back here and I've been out of town. Amazing-how great you look Abram-SUPER Jealous! Secondly, SUPER SUPER Jealous about your weekend away :) Congrats on the five years and many more to come!

Rebecca said...

That sounds perfect!

Happy Anniversary!
(we still need to talk:)

Jana said...

That sounds perfect. Except why on earth would you wake up at 6:30?!!! That is still the middle of the night in my world.