Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daddy's Notes

1. "But funny." This morning, Max and I were playing with some building blocks. After I had built a relatively impressive structure, Aviva knocked it over. I was frustrated. I said, "Aviva, that's not very nice." She said, with a wicked smile, "... but funny."

2. Hockey Talkies. We were getting ready for snowmageddon 2010 here in Washington, and I wanted to get Max and Aviva some toys for the weekend. Max picked "Hockey" talkies. They are horribly cheap, but he still loves them. We play hide-and-seek with them; the person hiding is supposed to give the person looking clues via the "hockey" talkies. The problem is, they're so loud -- even without any speaking -- that all you have to do is listen for the white noise. And poor Max always wonders how I found him.

3. Leo smiles. Finally, Leo smiled at me yesterday. He's been cooing and smiling at Kristin for a while now. But he just did not like me. Even a little while ago when I got him in the middle of the night for his feeding, he scowled at me. Well, yesterday, he finally warmed up to me and smiled back. It's a lot easier to serve someone who smiles back, that's for sure.


Brooke said...

Love these posts! We need to get together again...if this snow ever melts!

Elizabeth Downie said...

...but funny!!

That's awesome. I can imagine you saying the same thing at that age. Kristin too. lol

sterlingandbrandi said...

I think I want to be friends with Aviva! I love the Daddy's notes posts too! I always prefer funny to nice too, who's kidding who?

Delsa said...

So glad to have you online again Abram.