Sunday, February 7, 2010


A little known fact about me... I love Black History Month. Before I had children to lug around, I would look up all the events going on around town, mark them on my calender, and try to find friends to accompany me to all the events. Lectures, debates, tributes, films, musical performances, you name it. What can I say? I love black history.

Anyway, it's been a few years since I've been able to make February the learning experience I'd like to. To be honest, I haven't even thought about it much.

Saturday morning I came down stairs to Abram reading library books to the kids (I picked most of them out and then the kids handed me a few I didn't pay much attention to). I picked up one of the books and it's title was, "Furaha Means Happy: A Book of Swahili Words." I laughed out loud and the following conversation ensued:

Abram: You didn't pick that out?
Kristin: Seriously? Why would I pick this out?
Abram: I don't know, I just figured it's Black History Month...

I really wished my roommates were there in that moment.


xóchitl said...

i recall going to a few black history events at BYU, though i'm not sure the motivation was to celebrate a rich and lively culture... do you recall?

i so miss you.

how are you doing it with three kids at home? you are such a supermom. seriously.
how do you say supermom in swahili?

Justin said...

I like yellow history month better. Ajay and his wife stayed with us for a week. When are you guys coming out for a week?

Delsa said...

I finally decided to check your blog and see if by chance you had written anything. Look at that --- you did.