Saturday, October 23, 2010


A few thoughts on my favorite Second Son of a Second Son of a Second Son of a Second Son (yes, Leo is at least the 4th in a line of second sons):

1. He recently started pulling himself up and walking along furniture. He will also take a few unassisted steps if -- and only if -- he's walking to Kristin. He will not walk to me, Max or Aviva, only Kristin. He has always had a special place in his heart for Kristin. Like the other kids, he likes me, and he likes to play with me, but he absolutely beams with light when he see his mom.

2. He is so sweet. So much of his personality reminds me of Max as a little boy, except that Max used to be so aggressive. It's like if you took all of Max, took away Max's aggressiveness, and put everything back in, you would get Leo. Leo cuddles (at least with Kristin), smiles all the time, is generally happy to be anywhere and do anything (other than be the subject of Aviva's affection). Just pure sweetness.

3. Leo loves Max with all his heart. Leo gets to pull Max's hair, which hurts Max, but Leo loves it. And you can tell that Leo loves Max for it. Max will also scare Leo -- Max will hide behind something than jump out and scream at Leo. I think it's annoying; Leo loves it. Even though he's also a little bit scared at first, when Leo realizes it's just his big brother Max, he starts smiling and laughing.

4. He is the only one of our three kids who wakes up talking to himself (and not screaming bloody murder to get out of the crib). And for that, I will pay for him to go to any college he wants. The others are going to BYU.


Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, I love the last part about how you'll pay for any college he wants. Too funny. Love these posts - it's touching to me to read about yours and Kristin's kids. You guys are great parents.

doldham said...

Abram, you are such a sweetheart--I laughed out loud about the college comment also. It's such a preppy comment--but one made with intelligence and compassion. I loved BYU, but I loved your comment.
We still love you guys, even though we hardly ever see you. Leslie O.

Garrett said...

If Leo ever ends up missing you can assume we kidnapped him.

sterlingandbrandi said...

I love Kristin, but you can't beat an Abram post. I'm not paying for my kids to go to college. I'm buying a beach house.

Rebecca said...

That is so funny about the BYU thing:) It's true though, there is just something about a child that wakes up happy that definitely gives them some major bonus points. Syd is my happy waker and T...not so much.