Saturday, October 23, 2010

Max's Birthday Party

I read design blogs. And I know very well that most of you reading this do too, so I am making myself very vulnerable by posting pictures of my child's birthday party sans Amy Atlas treat table and matching labels for the food, birthday banner, etc.

Anyway, here they are. Max wanted a camping party, so we had a fishing hole, where they caught their party favors, including a flashlight they used to go on a rock hunt in our basement. We had a tent set up in the dark basement and I brought them down there to tell ghost stories. At the perfect moment, the werewolf from last year's party showed up. Their screams were so satisfying. It made the whole party worth it.


Delsa said...

These are so great - I love it when you share about the kids. Grandma's do not like to miss anything.

Beth, Chris & Kate said...

looks like ya'll had a wonderful time!


Garrett said...

Pretty sure the werewolf was not there. Maybe some crap knockoff, but be serious.

Rebecca said...

I love it! So cute! What an original idea to have a camping party Mr. Max. And I love the REAL birthday parties...when I see those treat tables on those design blogs I just think to this party for the kid or the mom!?

miss you guys. xoxo

Rebecca said...

Oh, and I love a good satisfying scream too:) Yesterday we were at a local bank that had everyone and everything decked out in a Batman theme and when Syd caught sight of the Joker she let out an awesome, genuine, I-might-pee-my-pants scream. Totally worth it!