Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get Off My Back Lisa

All right, all right, I'm back. Here are a few highlights since Abram has gone back to "I'm too busy to blog" mode.

1. Adam came to town and met Aviva. He quickly won Max over with a Diego megaphone. Just what Max needed, a megaphone.

2. Sherry came to visit with Preston to begin his best friendship with Max. We spent Friday and Saturday with all the Ellis cousins, and I'm telling you there is nothing that makes Max happier than playing with cousins. I can't believe how my heart just fills up when I see it. This part of parenting has been totally unexpected. I never even thought of it before. It's the same way when he's with his Quinn cousins and I love it.

3. Staying home with two hasn't been nearly as bad as I had convinced myself it would be. Here are some updated photos of Aviva. I swear every time I pick her up she's gotten bigger. Last night she only woke up one time! I'm sure we'll go straight back to twice a night, but you gotta love those flukes.


Melanie said...

Yeah! I've missed the udpates and was glad to see you all are doing well. That little Aviva is SOOOO cute. And Max, well, he's just always cute. The video clip was also very funny. Glad that two kids is going ok for you and I'll cross my fingers it wasn't a fluke that Aviva got up only once!

Lisa said...

Geez, it took so long for you to blog that I just stopped looking. Glad I checked!