Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend Fun

Ryan, Amy and their kids came up Friday night and spent Saturday morning with the family fawning over Aviva. To get the kids out of the house that morning, we all went down to Art on the Avenue, a small art fair in a neighborhood just adjacent to our own. There were lots of fun kid activities, balloons, live music, and of course hot dogs. Max didn't want the hot dogs though. Instead, he literally just walked into a Mexican place we frequent -- Los Tios -- and grabbed a server by the hand. He looked at us questioningly, wondering if we would be joining him for lunch. We had to oblige.

One of the toys he picked up at the fair was his first piggy bank. He loves honing his fine motor skills by putting pennies into his piggy bank, breaking it open, and then putting the pennies back into the bank. (Yes, he only has pennies. He doesn't know the difference and none of you should tell him.)

Max also played his first violin, instructed and aided by local high school students. Shy at first, he loved the experience and eagerly thanked the girl helping him. He also enjoyed the live music, but it was too loud for his taste (luckily, otherwise we would have been there for hours).

On Sunday, Grandpa and Mimi came down to visit and watch Conference. Aviva provided plenty of glamor shots and good looks.

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KA said...

I'll tell you 2 things I love: the use of the word frequent in that context and the fact that Max has already developed a taste for fine mexican food.