Monday, October 8, 2007

Things I'll miss about paternity leave and things I won't

Things I'll miss about paternity leave:
  1. Watching Kristin parent
  2. Watching Max put on his shoes by himself
  3. Hearing Max calling for Daddy after his naps and the hugs I get when getting him from the crib
  4. Naps
  5. Panini Monday
Things I won't miss about paternity leave:
  1. Nothing


Melanie said...

Your kids are so, so cute! I'm sorry your paternity leave is coming to an end (when, officially?)...I'm going to tell Brian to push for it next time, he usually takes off about, oh, half a day, when we have a baby. Good luck returning to work.

Lisa said...

Poor, poor Abram. : (

That is really so sweet!

Marsh Family said...

Remember us? Tony and Natalie Marsh? Anyway, I was blog hopping (terrible disease!) Anyway, I happened upon your blog. So good to "see" you guys and "catch up". Your kids are darling and congrats! Love, Natalie

Marsh Family said...


lj said...

perhaps perma-paternity leave is in order?

happy belated birthday! your kids are ADORABLE and your blog rules. that post about max and his "coins pocket" had me laughing out loud in my office. i mean, my house. i don't check blogs from the office. :)