Thursday, November 8, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Are any of you Friday Night Lights fans? Abram bought the first season on DVD and I love it. Love it, love it, love it. I think I cried through all 21 episodes. What I've seen of season two isn't as good as season one, but it doesn't matter. Season one can stand on it's own. I don't even need it to go on. Though I'm glad it does.

Apparently the critics love it, but it hasn't gotten the fan base it needs and no one's sure how long it will stay on the air. So here is my grass roots effort to increase the viewership. It's on NBC on Friday night at 9:00. But don't just start watching now, watch last year's season first. You can watch it for free at:

P.S. I love the relationship between the coach and his wife. She is played by Connie Britton and she is fantastic. Best crier I've ever seen.


KA said...

I keep hearing about this show. I should give it a spin. Having said that, you do know that "You can watch it for free at:" is the reason why we're soon to be stuck with nothing but The Biggest Loser and other such reality delights, right?

Brady & Sherry Jones said...

I still cry over the first episode every time I think it about. The first season is just so well done.