Monday, November 26, 2007

Perfect Arches

Here is an unexpected and quite funny exclamation I just heard:

"Shawn, get up and go to bed! Do you want me to tweeze your eyebrows first?"

I immediately signed into my blog so that I wouldn't forget to record it and Lisa let me know I was the only one who would find it funny. I beg to differ. Shauri, can I get a witness?


Spinster Stories said...

Amen and praise, well you know. I had to pick myself off the ground to type out these words between loud belly laughs. Oh please...DO let's tweeze my eyebrows before bed. I'm sure that was Shawn's ready response. He loves it.

Jana said...

I am totally LOL!!! Lisa is crazy. Everyone is going to get a great laugh out of that. I can totally picture her saying that. Too funny.

KA said...

Hilarious. And also amazing. Does anyone else have a husband who submits to getting his eyebrows tweezed? Jon would watch Oprah with me everyday for the rest of his life before he would let me get near him with tweezers.

Lisa said...

In my defense he asked me to earlier in the day!

xóchitl said...

Dear Lisa,
I seriously need help. I got a bad brow wax and I'm still trying to grow them back in. They're hideous. Whatever shall I do?
Furrowed Brow in South Texas.

P.S. It's a true story. I'm seriously asking.

Arah Debra said...

I'm just surprised she offered to do it. He usually has me tweeze him when they're in town b/c Lisa neglects him.

Delsa said...

These blogs are great, I am learning so much. Does Shawn read this? If so, that might be the end of the tweezing. Soon it will be nose hairs.