Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Charlottsville Quinns

Ryan and Amy were in town for the past week and it was great.  We were sad to see them leave today.  Instead of giving you a play by play, I'll just list some of the highlights from the week:

  • Max refers to Mason and Katie as, "my friends."  As in, as soon as he wakes up in the morning he asks, "Mama, where my friends?"  He pretty much followed Mason around wherever he went. 
  • Mason and Katie love Pokemon.  Ohhhhhhh do they love Pokemon.  So it didn't take long for Max to become obsessed as well - even though he didn't understand one bit of how to play.  It was a pretty funny to hear Mason explaining the rules and telling Max about each character's abilities, rarity and power while Max nodded is head as if he was soaking in every bit of captivating information.  
  • Amy had her birthday while she was here.  That night while she took a bubble bath, I got to spend some alone time with Andrew and I loved every minute of it.  He jumped on me and cuddled me the whole time.  If there's one thing that boy knows how to do, it's cuddle.
  • That night the girls watched a movie downstairs.  Abram was reading a book in the living room and out of nowhere, Andrew (who had crawled out of his pack and play and crept into the living room) jumped on him and put him into a headlock.  In his own words, Abram nearly wet his pants, it was so unexpected. 
  • Another thing Mason and Katie like to do is make presents out of paper and then wrap them and give them to the lucky one they have chosen as the recipient.  This morning Mason handed a "present" to Max and his response couldn't have been better, "Wow!  What is it?!"  "Wow!"  Then after he opened it and found homemade Pokemon cards, there were more, "wows" and a few "thanks!"  Who wouldn't want to give that kid a gift?
  • Ryan was gone most of the time, but the night he got back Max seemed to really take a liking to him.  Abram put him to bed.  After laying with him for a while I took my turn.  When I was done he said, "Aunt Shauri sleep with me?"  I told him no and that he needed to go to sleep by himself.  5 minutes later he appeared on the stair case.  I started to threaten him, but he just pointed to Ryan.  I said, "You want Ryan to sleep with you?"  He nodded in the affirmative.  Ryan, being the great uncle that he is, laid down with him and he was asleep 5 minutes later.  


Kristin Mulrooney said...

Aren't cousins the best! We got to spend last week in MA with Jamie's family and Aida was in HEAVEN playing with her cousins.

Kristin said...

Kristin, I MISS you! (and Abram too)

Delsa said...

This is when I really miss being with the family, so I appreciate you spending those times with me.
Maybe you better hide those cool homemade pokeman cards or you could end up with an addict like the other two.