Sunday, August 10, 2008

Max's First Ballgame

Max is now officially a man. I know -- it may be a little sexist and/or a little machoistic, but I really believe (this is Abram by the way), that organs alone do not make a man. True manhood is defined by a willingness to wear face-paint in honor of home and country. Think Braveheart. Then think: Max, wearing the face-paint of a tiger, attending a Detroit Tiger's baseball game. His first ballgame.

Sure, we only lasted 1 inning (because of rain delays and sleep deprivation), but Max left his mark. We attended the game -- along with Uncle Shawn and Cousin Keely -- as part of Butzel Long's summer outing. Pre-game festivities were held across the street and Max and Keely got balloons, face-painting, and a family portrait. Keely was painted up like a butterfly. Max became a tiger.

As we made our way through the stadium, people would stop my little tiger and say how cute he was with his little tiger face. Then I'd tell Max to scare them. "Roar" he would say -- a little too much Simba and not a lot of Mufasa -- and the little crowds would go crazy with laughter. Max ate it up.

It was a great night. The only problem was dead camera batteries, so the only picture remaining is the family sketch (attached).

UPDATE: Luckily, Uncle Shawn took a few pictures on his phone, which capture the beauty of the tiger.  And those of you that know Max can imagine the roar.


Jill said...

Those faces were great! How fun to have dad take the kids out to the ball-game!

Delsa said...

What perfect images!! That artist who did the family sketch is amazing. And how great to hear from you Abram.

Shauri said...

Welcome back Man-blogger.