Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Got Served

All right, it was a landslide folks.  Shauri Quinn wins for You Got Served.  Thank you so much for all the extra suggestions.  Maybe some of y'all should steal some titles and jump on the recipe blog bandwagon so I can keep eating well. 

Here is Shauri's well deserved dedication:

Game night: strikes fear in the heart of some, ecstasy in the heart of others.  Game night ranges from the entire family and all of their friends ferociously competing then shamelessly singing and dancing the night away, to just some of the family intensely competing.  And I'm not scared to say that without Shauri, game night, in any of it's forms, would not be the magical experience it is today.  She invites the guests when we're too anti-social; she organizes the games when we're too lazy;  she makes us laugh when we want to fight; she lets us use her yellow prom dress when we can't come up with anything else; and most important of all: she makes the carmel popcorn.  Here's to you  Shauri Shar.   


Kristin Mulrooney said...

I don't know how you maintain 2 blogs! Amazing.

I love the new family photo, too!

Rebecca said...

Wow! You guys look so much alike!

Delsa said...

Hurrah for Shauri. What you say of her is so true. What did she win for everyone loving her name?