Friday, October 17, 2008

My Other Blog

I've had a few people ask when my recipe blog would be up.  I've made a few references here before, but I suppose it wasn't completely clear that I had already started it.   So here is my shameless self promotion:  Click HERE to go visit You Got Served, my recipe blog.  As an added bonus, Janie is the Guest Chef this week, so you won't want to miss out.  


Kristin Mulrooney said...

I highly recommend visiting this blog for some TERRIFIC recipes. My family has been eating some good grub since it started.

Aly said...

Just in case it is not clear from my comments on your cooking blog, I absolutely love it! I think you are a food goddess and that you are helping me fake it a little better too. Love ya!

xóchitl said...

yes, i love it too. i really want to make the pumpkin dessert. mmmmm.