Monday, October 6, 2008


Vivi is doing the cutest things lately.  She just learned how to clap and wave goodbye, but my favorite is that she spontaneously plays peek-a-boo, and whether you are paying attention or not, when she opens her eyes, or pulls the blanket away, she cracks up at herself.  That's right, shoulders shaking with that big old one tooth smile.  Gets me every time.  

These are pictures of her right after we went raspberry picking.  I know, I know, the white sweater wasn't such a good judgement call.   


Elizabeth said...

The white sweater was perfect, you can always bleach it. I can't wait to see the video of Max and Keely dancing. Movie night?

Janie said...

She is so cute! The pictures are adorable.

Delsa said...

How about a video of Aviva playing hide-and-seek? By the way, glad you got around to posting again. I had just about decided not to check for about the 20th time in the last few days, but my effort was rewarded.