Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

Poor Leo. He was so content all by himself. As terrifying as his brother and sister can be, he gets so excited to see them. To see anyone really.

Leo is my only baby who didn't wake up screaming both in the morning and from naps. He just sits and plays and talks to himself until I come get him. When I walk in and he sees me, he gives me a smile that takes up his whole face. His body tenses up and he starts shaking, he is so excited to have me pick him up. I just love this little baby so much.

Aviva thinks he loves her that much too. I know because her favorite activity is to lay on top of him, get right in his face and say in her baby voice, "You love me, yes you do. Yes you do, you love me."

Max's favorite thing about Leo is when we, or anyone else, tell him that Leo looks just like him. He is eating the big brother/little brother thing up. Here is a photo Lisa recently sent us of Max and Keely. We showed it to Max and asked who it was. His answer, "Aviva and Leo." He laughed and laughed when we told him it was him and Keely.


Mary said...

Yeah for finally posting again!! :) I can't believe how much Max and Leo look alike in those pics. Crazy!

Jill said...

The kids are growing up so fast! I agree, Leo and Max look so similar in those pics!