Saturday, July 31, 2010

He Makes His Daddy So Proud

The last time we were in Michigan, Lisa and Ben were playing with us at Grandma's house. She took him home (down the street) to take a nap. Ben laughed the whole way and Lisa kept shushing him so he wouldn't wake up the baby. They pulled into the garage and Lisa said, "Okay Ben, let's go take a nap." She turns around and just then, Max pops out of the back of the van and yells, "Surprise!"

Lisa's jaw dropped and she said, "Max! I am going to beat you." His response? "Looks like I beat you, Lisa."

Ha! Meanwhile, we were looking all over the house for Max. Luckily she pulled in with him before we had time to panic. When she told me the story I laughed so hard and I told her she must call Abram immediately. I mean, "looks like I beat you, Lisa."? I can't think of anything more Abram-like to say in that situation.

Proud daddy moment #2. We were at a friends house and all the kids were outside playing hide and seek. Max came in and his pants were soaking wet. He has been potty trained for a long time, so I was pretty surprised. I asked him what happened. Why didn't he come in and go to the bathroom? His response was, "I was hiding and I couldn't come out or she would have found me." I knew Abram would love that story. Talk about commitment to the game.

I had this conversation with Aviva last night:

A: Mama, Heavenly Father give me a treat?
K: I don't think He has treats Viva.
A: Yes He does (with attitude, of course)
K: No He doesn't (with the same attitude, of course)
A: Yes He does, the bread and water.

That was pretty cute. It got a big smile out of me.

Aviva loves nursery. She talks about her teachers all week long. They're clearly doing a good job because "Jesus wants us to be happy" is her favorite phrase. She loves to interject any time she thinks it is relevant to the conversation, which is more often then one might think. All we can do is agree though. Jesus does want us to be happy.

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