Saturday, July 31, 2010

OBX 2010

We had our annual Quinn Family Vacation in the Outer Banks, NC in early July. I think I laugh more during that week than any other of the year. I look forward to it every year.

This year was particularly special because Garrett and Anna got married while we were there. Their photos are amazing. Our friend Meredith took the pictures and they are amazing. You can see them here, or here on her blog. Here are a few snapshots that Shauri took.

I'm trying to post some funny videos from the week, but it takes forever to do it on Blogger. If anyone wants to give me some hints, I'd be happy to take the help.


Elisa said...

oh to be a fly on the wall of a quinn family reunion! :) The wedding pictures are beautiful! I'm so happy for him.

Elisa said...
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Elizabeth Downie said...

I think the only thing you can do with videos on blogger is wait forever. I've done it before and it's really frustrating! Just waiting until it was done though worked for me. It just took a lifetime to load.

Cute pictures, by the way!

sterlingandbrandi said...

You can upload your video to, which is FAST, and then after its finished uploading it gives you different ways to "share" it, and one way is HTML code, which I then embed in the post. You know when you can click back and forth between "Compose" and "Edit HTML" for the actual post? It seems like what I embed slightly cuts off the right of the screen, but its WAAAAAAAY faster.

And the pictures were awesome! I wish vacationed with you guys!

xóchitl said...

so happy to hear what's up with you guys. i love all the pictures.

i LOVE hearing about all the mischief your kids cause. i mean, come ON! are you at all surprised? it's DNA, those poor little ones can't help themselves. and when i say DNA, i'm saying Big Abram but i'm thinking KMQ.

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous pictures...I peeked at the links...what a beautiful, beautiful bride.

I always love stopping in at your blog:) You have such a great family!

Delsa said...

I'm so glad to have you two writing on your blog, but I wish you would do like Amy did with hers and send me a message on my e-mail to tell me you posted because you do it so infrequently that I don't think to look.
I know I know!! I should figure that out myself but you are much better at it.

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Kristin Mulrooney said...

I think you may have the most photogenic family ever.

joven said...

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