Friday, May 9, 2008

Grandpa Can't Get a Break

Thursday we went to the train museum.  Max was in heaven.  Dad surprised us with his vast knowledge of railroad songs, though I couldn’t help myself from pointing out that “I’m Leaving on a Jet Train” probably doesn’t count.  

The train museum was actually surprisingly good -- for Max.  He basically had free reign to run around a bunch of old trains: a kid's dream.  One of the museum employees even took Max back to meet Thomas the Train and Max loved sitting in Thomas so much that he even let the guy take a picture with him, but Max was clearly out of his comfort zone (see picture).  

Another highlight to the museum was the train ride around the grounds.  I believe dad was in the middle of "Chattanaga Choo-Choo" is this photo.

Max was a dream all day long.  At dinner, Abram whispered to him, “Go give Grandma hugs.”  So he crept over and when he hugged her she started shouting, yelling, and generally making a big deal of it.  He got a kick out of it and kept coming back for more.  After a few hug attacks, Abram told Max to go hug Grandma again.  But instead, Max pointed to dad and shouted, “No!  I go hug that guy!”

And to top it all off, Dad, who was sure to win scrabble, lost his lead with about 3 rounds to go to Abram with “Jeez” on a triple word score.  Ouch. 

Mom – 1, Dad – 0, Abram -1, Kristin – 1


MwH said...

So glad Max was a dream! Love the pic of him with the bearded man. His face=priceless. Can't wait to meet your parents someday. I hope your dad will sing train songs for us :).

Shauri said...

Thanks so much for posting regularly. I check twice a day and I'm so happy when I see all of you and what you're doing. I've told everyone at root the "That's why I hate babies" story. priceless.

Amy said...

It's amazing how dramatic a game as slow as Scrabble can be.

Owens D.C. said...

I'm so jealous that you're having this wonderful family time and in such a spiritual way. I threw a shout out to you today at the yard sale, these two girls bought a table from us and they were so kind, they had just moved here from Ann Arbor. It made me miss the opportunity to make plans to hang with you :)

Mar said...

Glad abram is such a night owl! mission life is exhausting, ain't it? xoxo