Monday, May 26, 2008

The "It" Factor

We are in the Outer Banks (in North Carolina) right now with all of my siblings and their families.  It is my very favorite vacation in the entire world.  We rent an enormous house about 500 ft. from the beach.  We spend all day in the pool, at the beach, and eating good food.  Everyone is assigned to plan one kids activity and one adult activity (which led to this last year) after the kids are in bed.  

On Sunday we decided to have "church" at the house.  We had a brief adult meeting, and then we had primary for the kids.  We set a chair up and Mason and Katie gave talks standing on top of it.  When they finished, Max insisted on climbing on the chair and giving his own talk.  We didn't understand much more than "A - MEN!"  

Travis was in charge of singing time, so he had all the kids take turns coming up front with him and leading everyone in their favorite song.  When it was Max's turn, leading wasn't quite enough.  He made Travis get off the chair he was sitting in so he could stand on it and sing a song all by himself for everyone.  

Something tells me when he is old enough to participate in the adult activities he will have no trouble following in his father's footsteps. 


Delsa said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to see that musical side of Max when you were here. I think his prayers here was probably an indication of what his talks were like. I'm wondering how people would respond to me if I tried that method. It would save me a lot of preparation time.

Lisa said...

Oh yeah, Max has been quite the performer!

Aly said...

I dream of getting my family to take a similar trip. I can just picture Max stealing the show.