Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blood Sucker

Did I mention that my son may be a vampire?  Every time he sees direct sunlight he starts freaking out and yelling "No hot!  No hot!"  It started in the car and I figured it was in his eyes, and who isn't bothered by that?  But no, now he doesn't even want us to open the shades in the house.  See picture above.  (He was also really ticked because I was taking a picture when I should have been taking care of the offending blind).


amy said...

Oh, poor Max. I understand you.

I never knew I was a sun-hater until I moved to Utah: land of the burning sun. Last July, in a snippy rage, I told Ryan that if we didn't get out of this HOT-HELL-DEATH soon, it wasn't going to be pretty. I pretty much spend the summer in a dark, air-conditioned room, whining.

For my sake and Max's, I hope we don't run out of fossil fuels too soon. Because, when we do, I'm moving to Canada.

Melanie said...

SO glad my kids aren't the only ones who hate the light of day.

Jana said...

Why do you always make me laugh so hard!!!? Is he related to Edward?