Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Animal Friends

Aviva has been swinging in this swing for 4 months now, and today was the first day she realized there were little animals hanging over her head.  Once she saw them she was hooked.  She couldn't take her eyes off them.
Here are some more photos:


xóchitl said...

abram has the same swing. i wish he loved it as much as aviva. he didn't really like swinging as much as the girls. and that's a shame because sometimes you just need to be able to stick them somewhere.
i love aviva's face in that photo with her "friends."
and max seems to love being a big brother. so sweet.

Jana said...

Cute cute cute kids!!!

Delsa said...

Thanks for the pictures - you know I love them.

Aly said...

I love the look of wonder and concentration! I can hardly believe how fast all these kids are growing. She looks different to me every week, and Max is getting so big.

Lisa said...

It's so funny how one day they're just like, "where did you come from?" with something that's been there all along? It's like a whole new toy!