Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Delsa

Reasons why I love you...
  1. Because Kristin is your clone
  2. You hate to take your make up off before bed, which gives us 30 extra minutes at night with you.
  3. I'm a lookin' and I'm a likin'
  4. Best roommate ever
  5. Rolls
  6. You taught the only Sunday School lessons I could sit through
  7. Quilt group adopted me like one of their own
  8. You're one of the reasons I came back
  9. "Delsa always feeds the missionaries these steaks."
  10. Absolutely, positively, the world's best mother-in-law


Delsa said...

I loved it Abram. I must admit my most favorite was "Delsa, always feeds the missionaries these steaks." You are the best and thanks for your birthday wish.

Spinster Stories said...

I don't get that one--what did the steak comment mean?
I guess I have to come up with a list now out...

Amy said...

Who else says "I'm a lookin' and I'm a likin'" to their mother-in-law?

Kristin said...

Ben Stiller. And only when he's had truth serum.

Lisa said...

Number 3 is for sure the best, but I have to say that's one of the reasons I like you. You are the only person in the world that would say that to your mother-in-law!

Arah Debra said...

Abram you're a crack up. Happy Birthday from the Atwood's Delsa! We love you!!

Kristin said...

Once when mom was out of town, Abram told her he would make dinner on Sunday because the missionaries were scheduled to come over. Dad went grocery shopping with us (apparently he didn't trust us with the credit card, and rightly so). Abram got steaks to grill and in the check out line dad saw them ring up $90 of steaks. "90 dollars!" he exclaimed. And Abram, deadpan and not missing a beat, responds, "Delsa ALWAYS buys these steaks for the missionaries."

Two funny things here. 1. Mom had never bought those steaks in her life. 2. Dad says, "I'm calling her when we get home." but obviously believed it just might have been possible because he paid for it.

This second part cracks me up because even though he found it ridiculous to pay that much, he wasn't about to risk the wrath of Delsa and not buy the steaks.

As Abram later said when called out on his lie, "Only the best for the Lord's servants, Bob."

Amy said...

I love, love, love that story. Even though I already knew it, I laughed just reading it.