Friday, January 4, 2008

Thank You Shrek

A few days ago Abram was home for dinner.  We sat down to eat and said, "Max, let's say prayer."  We all folded our hands and before Abram or I could say anything, Max started praying.  We heard "Heavenly Father," some  unintelligible  words, and a very excited "Amen!"  He said his first prayer!  It was super duper cute.   He's been praying alone ever since.  

This morning's prayer went something like this:
"Heavenly Father, thank you day, mommy, daddy, viva, thank you Shrek, Amen!"

I don't know if Heavenly Father has ever been appropriately thanked for Shrek, so I'm glad Max thought to do it.  


KA said...

Maybe not so much thank you shrek the third. But still really, really cute.

Spinster Stories said...

Max looks so different in that picture. He's really grown up this month.
I would say Thank you only for Shrek One. I think God would agree.

Lisa said...

That Max, he is grateful for the small things in life isn't he? : )

Melanie said...

Max is definitely learning to know what's important in life. Way to go mom and dad for teaching him while he's young.

Jana said...

LOL!!! Shrek is BIG in our house too. Noah makes me sing his the "Shrek Song" for bedtime. It took me awhile to get ti right, but I have get it down now. I remember the good old days when my kids liked I am a Child of God. We've moved on to bigger and WAY less spiritual. :)

Bee said...

i keep laughing at your posts and lil is fake laughing along with me