Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

The Viray's had us over for cheese and chocolate fondue today.  It was delicious.  Man, how I love a tradition that includes good food.  Anyway, the really big thing to write home about though, was that we went the whole night without any of the kids getting a time out.  Really.  

In fact, for the last hour or so, the four boys just ran around and around, up and down the stairs screaming.  I didn't even mind the screaming because they were having so much fun.  I think that the only tears came when Nikolai managed to lock himself in the bathroom (we'll just hope Noah and Max didn't lock him in there).  That was quickly resolved and he went right back to running and screaming.  Isaac Bell was initiated into the group tonight and didn't get the whole screaming thing, but just kept following the crowd wherever they went.  Probably thinking to himself, "I don't know where we're headed, but it's got to be somewhere good with all this excitement."  

Thanks so much Marianne and James, it was a fantastic night. 


Carolyn Hansen said...

I love the blogging world that includes links to your long lost friends! We've been keeping tabs for the last few years but this is mcuh better! So happy to catch up on your life and see what's been going on.
Holy smokes...you have the cutest little family!

Kristin said...

Did I say no time outs? I meant no time outs for the whole last hour :)

Delsa said...

What fun friends Max has. Do they all live in your complex? What can be better than running and screaming through the house. Actually, with Mason, Katie and Andrew gone, I can't think of anything better.

amy said...

looks like a fun party and a wild one...is that max's first hickey? :)