Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pop Quiz

My fellow Broadway aficionados, you must go to Dan Richard's blog, Unravel Every Riddle, and check out his post on President Monson.  Let me know how you do. 


Aly said...

I posted my guesses on that blog, but have no idea how I did.

Rebecca said...

ya, I would probably only get a few right, but that is really interesting, thanks for sharing.

On a separate note, although I have tried to be positive about our late church (3:30-6:30) since that post you made, I am failing. I hate it. We don't get HOME until 7pm and T's bedtime is 6 and Syd's is 7. Bad bad bad. Please give me some more inspiration so I can try to be more positive! Help!

Larissa said...

LOVED the quiz, so thanks for posting. I didn't post my answers on his blog though, since he doesn't know me and that might be weird. :)