Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow Day

It finally snowed yesterday so we went out  o play and take some pictures.  Max has been talking about Christmas non-stop since then and how Santa is coming to bring him a big surprise.  I keep telling him Christmas isn't for a long time, but I think he figures if there is snow, it must be right around the corner.
Max and Noah

Max spent the majority of the time trying to wipe the snow off of his boots
Aviva was happy as long as we kept on moving.

Max did not believe that his hands would stay warmer in his mittens than in his mouth.


Delsa said...

Why is it that they just can't understand the idea of covering their hands. What cute pictures.

Delsa said...
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Sandy said...

What cute kids! That is funny about Max keeping his hands warm in his mouth! And I must say it makes me feel better that Aviva isn't too keen on sleeping through the night either! Ava is an absolute nightmare in that department as well! But like you said if that's the only "issue" I guess it's okay.