Monday, February 4, 2008

Those Darn Writers


I have been uncharacteristically productive over the past few months.  The secret to my success?  The writers strike.  Best thing that ever happened to me.  

Tonight I was reminded why I haven't turned on the TV during primetime since December (except of course for Friday Night Lights).  Abram came home early and while I blogged he switched back and forth between American Gladiator and Dance War: Carrie Ann vs. Bruno.   Yeah, I know.  

It doesn't get much worse than Hulk Hogan hosting.  Highlight of the night?  When the gladiator "Wolf" let the contender know, "The last one got by me because he ran away like a scared rabbit, but when I get through with you you're not even going to be able to move."  Yeeeeeees.  Touche Wolf, touche.


Garrett said...

Once again your husbands quality astounds me. I should have guessed that he would be into the remake of everyone's favorite early 90's saturday morning part sport part game part tv drama part steroid part real life gladiator extraordinaire. Kudos Abram.

sterlingandbrandi said...

We are actually canceling our cable. We don't even hardly turn on the tv anymore (okay that's not true: I get mad at Sterling for wasting so much time skipping back and forth between Hogan Knows Best and America's Next Top Model - his brain is mush) I used to get excited when I woke up and realized it was "Office" Day. But no more.

Melanie said...

Kristin, you never fail to make me laugh. Hard.

xóchitl said...

what? brandi sessions has a blog? finally i can catch up with that girl. brandi if you read this you better invite me to your blog right now. email me:

sorry kristin for using your blog to hook up with other bloggers. i know what you mean about nothing good on t.v. i'm getting by right now by watching office reruns on tbs. but wow! wolf is hot. that's my kinda guy.