Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Early Christmas

I asked Santa for an iPod classic this year. We were putting up Christmas decorations on Saturday and "Santa" decided we needed some Christmas music, so to make a long story short: I'm the proud owner of an iPod with approximately 50 Christmas carols on it. That's right, this is my first mp3 player ever. I have no music. I suppose I could upload my CDs, but since I haven't bought a new one in about 7 years, I doubt it will be very fruitful. Which brings me to my latest request: What are your favorite songs to work out to? That is going to be my next play list - I'm trying to prioritize here.


KA said...

I love when Santa comes early. I bet it's a sign that you shouldn't bother working out until at least January.

Rebecca said...

I don't think I can admit on a public blog what I work out to! I will email you my list as well as the list from some other friends of mine on my weight loss blog.

Yay for ipods! I am on my third one...my first two were mini's and got soaked and left in a rental car so now I have a nano.

amy said...

i have no shame: "livin' on a prayer" by bon jovi, "hit me with your best shot" by pat (sweet pat!) benetar, "smooth criminal" by michael jackson (it is beginning to look like i havent bought a CD is twenty seven years...). you may just want to invest in albums by these three, my top three, artists. that way when you want "you give love a bad name" instead of "livin on a prayer" or "sex as a weapon" instead of "hit me with your best shot" ot "man in the mirror" instead of "smooth criminal" you'll still be taken care of.

this is fun. if i think of more, i'll get back to you.

Spinster Stories said...

Can I give two of my favorite new artists instead of workout songs?
Joshua Radin (especially: Only You and Closer) and Lily Allen (especially Smile, littlest things and everythings just wonderful.)

I'm totally on board for Hit me with your best shot though. No one can get you moving like Pat. ;)

Bee said...

I have a workout list that is constantly evolving I am going to email you the whole freaking list.