Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mommy

Yesterday, we celebrated Kristin's birthday. And I think it's telling that the thing she really wanted for her 30th birthday was a panini-maker. As you all know food (and the passion, of course) brought us together. But we've stayed together for more reasons than just the food. Below, the top 10 reasons I love KQ:
  1. Other than Delsa, no one laughs better at my jokes
  2. Max and V are extremely happy people, true reflections of their mother
  3. Kristin experiments in the kitchen like a young Marie Curie, with similar results
  4. She lives her beliefs so naturally and fully
  5. Have you seen her wicked cross-over? Yeah, I needed that gene to match the "hustle" gene I provide.
  6. Have you seen our kids? Not bragging, but they are SOOOO CUTE. She is, and don't read this the wrong way, a fine-tuned baby-making machine.
  7. She is my angel
  8. When she's gone, I'm sad and can't sleep
  9. She loves me for who I am
  10. She's absolutely without a doubt, the most perfect BFF for me in whole wide world (sorry Garrett).


Melanie said...

Very sweet - Happy Birthday, Kristin!

Spinster Stories said...

Sweet indeed. I can vouch from first hand view that he means every word. Even the "sorry Garrett."
Happy Birthday KQ-I tried to send you a "why I love you" email yesterday too, but it keeps bouncing back. If you don't get it, I'll just add my post here!

KA said...

"When she's gone, I'm sad and can't sleep." Are you kidding me? That's the most adorable thing I've ever heard. I think Jon is glad when I'm gone so that he finally CAN sleep.

And, Happy Birthday.

Owens D.C. said...

I didn't know you were a Dec baby...Victoria celebrated her first today. Happy Birthday and if and when we ever get together lunch is on me :)

Rebecca said...

happy birthday! i am a better person because i know you! thank you for being so you.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! Love your top 10 Abram - especially the "fine tuned baby making machine." LOL!

DTR said...

Kristin experiments in the kitchen like a young Marie Curie, with similar results.

This could mean either:

1. Her cooking is so good, it is deserving of not one, but two Nobel Prizes; or

2. Her cooking is so bad, the results are radioactive and will likely result in her premature death from radiation exposure.

I'm guessing Abram meant the former, although the latter could explain that special "glow" Kristin seems to have.