Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ellis Family Goals Update

1.  Max - to go to go to sleep by himself in a "big boy bed"
  • Progress - We've had limited success over the last five days, but tonight we hit the jackpot.  Abram told him he would leave the door open, but if he got out of his bed he would close it for the rest of the night.  Max stayed put and fell asleep.  Hallelujah! 
2.  Kristin - to learn to like seafood.
  • Progress - I tried Halibut last weekend and while I didn't like it enough to have a second bite, it was the first thing I've tried that I thought, "if I tried that enough times I could see myself eventually liking it. 
3.  Abram - for our home to rival Chevy Chase's in Christmas     Vacation
  • Progress - There are 3 strands of lights up, one of which only has 5 bulbs that work.
4.  Aviva - to look like her mother
  • Progress - She is failing miserably.  Much to her mother's chagrin, Abram's genes have dominated again. 


Owens D.C. said...

That photo is too funny (due to your comments) and cute at the same time! We should try to catch up soon, this whole medical drama is finally over...maybe we can pick-up where we left off on that play date :)

Lisa said...

I'm cracking up! Love that picture...oh, and the family goals - way to aim high!

Arah Debra said...

Abram always has been an over achiever. Congrats on getting Max to say in bed. I remember those days. Not good times.

TJ said...

Tell Abram to get his act together and that Teem has outdone him. That should get him going. :)

KA said...

Ok, let's see a list of all the different types of seafood you've tried. Some are so much safer than others, for the nonbeliever, you know.

Kristin said...

crab cakes
I've gone in this order simply because that's what people have ordered while I'm with them. But what are your suggestions?

xóchitl said...

you know what dr. oz says on oprah... children need to be exposed to a food like 10 times before they might like it. this applies to you.
i love to eat fish (mahi, salmon, trout, etc.. nothing too fishy), but i don't much like the other stuff. unless it's in a sushi roll and then maybe. HATE squishy stuff.

on aviva's goal... i think abram would make a very handsome woman, so you know, she'll be a looker.

Jana said...

I love that pic of Aviva and Abram. That is too funny.