Monday, April 14, 2008

The Oldhams

For about two and a half years of my college career, I drove up Covered Bridge Canyon every Sunday to break bread with my roommate Alyson's family, the Oldhams. Don and Leslie adopted me in to their family and I went right ahead and made myself at home, inviting myself to pretty much every family event. In fact, the last time I hung out with the fam I believe was the night Alyson's brother Dave proposed to his girlfriend in front of all of us. So there you go. I'm all about barging in on family affairs.

Anyway, Don and Leslie are in town for a work conference so we got together tonight for dinner. I believe I used the word "delightful" while talking to Abram about the evening on the way home. And it really was. We caught up with what we had all been doing, we ate some delicious food, and we laughed. And laughed some more. I can't say enough about the two of them. There's nothing like hanging out with people who leave you feeling happy and energized. I just feel blessed to have them in my life.


Delsa said...

How wonderful. I think you might miss out on people that happen in to D.C. that won't necessarily drop in to Ann Arbor.

sterlingandbrandi said...

Oh those Oldhams. I miss them. They are a super-nice bunch

Aly said...

I'm guessing by the "delightful" description that the topic of Obama was carefully avoided, ;-)