Sunday, April 13, 2008

See You Later Aligator

Thursday night was Abram's departure party.  It was really nice to hear everyone say nice things about him, but here's what was really nice to hear: "I read your blog all the time!"  What?  My blog?  Really? 
I'm so flattered.  But here's the problem.  The pressure!  Don't you always wonder what people are reading your blog you don't know about?  I know you do.  Don't try to act like you haven't found your ex-boyfriend's wife's blog.  And don't try to act like you don't check it weekly (Amy B).  

Anyway, now I have a whole new audience I'm writing for.  So Christine, Ann, Kyle... consider yourselves fully accounted for.  And if any brave lurkers are reading this that haven't made themselves known, do it.  I will write for you.

But this post isn't about me, it's about our boy Abram.  Good work man.  Thanks for bringing home all that moola, but I'm excited to get to know you again :)

Abram, Rawia, Scott
Doug, Hilary, Kristin, Abram
Abram, Brijesh


xóchitl said...

ahhh, what a fun night. it's obvious people love abram. it's probably one of those unavoidables in life. even if you try not to, you probably just can't help yourself.

Rebecca said...

sitemeter. You have to get that on your blog. It not only tells you how many hits but from where and from what blogs they are getting to your from. Fascinating. You must get it:)

JennaM said...

Abram and Kristen,

I read your blog faithfully from Philly. There, I said it! :)

All the best with your move and I'm so happy I can keep up with seeing how much Max is growing!!


Amy said...

I love that you outed me on checking old boyfriends' blogs. I was slacking on privacy invasion so I caught up today. Both he and his wife have gained a little weight...

Kristin said...

Jenna! I missed you at the departure party. So glad you're keeping up.