Thursday, August 23, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

***Warning*** This story is about potty training, if you prefer not to read about the disgusting details of parenthood, you should go ahead and skip this entry.

A few weeks ago I bought a potty for Max. He's been playing with it and really interested and a few days ago I took off his diaper and showed him how to use it. I told him that the next time he has to go poo to tell me and he could go in the potty.

Last night Marianne and Noah came over for dinner. Max kept trying to get down and then started harassing me saying "poo-poo, poo-poo." I assumed he was just trying to get down but I wanted to enjoy my meal so I said "fine." I took off his diaper, stuck him in the bathroom, closed the door and went back to eat. I figured maybe he would pee all over the floor, but at least it's tile and I could finish my meal in peace.

He stayed in there for a good 5 minutes and then threw the door open, came running around the corner, jump stopped in front of us and gave a us a huge smile and ran away giggling. I grabbed him and went into the bathroom to see what damage had been done. To my surprise, the floor was clean, and the potty was closed. I opened it up, and there it was. Max had gone poo-poo in the potty. My jaw dropped. I was not prepared. I'm still not prepared. I have no strategy in place, so I just did what I've heard friends talk about. I yelled, made a big deal about it, and gave him a fruit snack (which he loves). I have to say, I was really really proud of him and it was so cute how pleased with himself he was that I was so pleased with him.

I had him practice saying "poo-poo in the potty" so we could call Abram and Mary and tell them, and then we went straight over to Aida's (his inspiration - she always calls him to the bathroom when she has to go so he can see how the pros do it) and told them. They all helped make a party out of it.

So here's the problem: It was disgusting. Once he went, I had to take the little bowl, put water in it, flush it down the toilet and then finish rinsing it out. Sick. I didn't realize that in an effort to not have to change his nasty diaper, I would have to do even nastier things. And we haven't even reached the not quite making it to the bathroom episodes, or the trying to do this whole thing in public stage. Yuck.

This morning at breakfast he told me again that he had to go. When I brought him to the bathroom and took off his diaper, he wouldn't let me in (and really, who can blame him?). So I let him do his business, but I was really nervous everything was going to go terribly awry. Luckily Abram went in when he did because this time Max picked up the bowl and was trying to put it in the toilet himself.

So here I am and I'll take any advice anyone wants to share. Oh yeah, I'm also worried because Aviva's coming and I'm not sure I want to move this along before he adjusts to her arrival. Help please!


KA said...

I don't know one thing about potty training. But I wonder if you could make a video of Aida being inspiring? B/c I would like to get Jack on this wagon just as soon as possible.

Jana said...

Ewww. Poo poo is sick. And what I think is even sicker is having to transport the poop from one little potty to another big one. How about you get a toilet seat his size and a stool for him to climb up to the seat. Then, are are only wiping and flushing. No rinsing required!!!! Do not use that potty seat. NASTY! At least I think so. That is how I did it with Jackson. And it is still sick having to wipe.

Rebecca said...

That is a great story! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Ditto Jana. I never used those portable potties for Keely. Just get the kid seat that you put on top of the potty, way less gross. I was so glad Max called and told me about his accomplisment by the way, made my day!

emandteem said...

Wow...congratulations. I'm only a year behind with Kaija. I have a gross poop story so stay tuned. by the way, do you guys need anything specific for Aviva? If not, I'll come up with something. I can't believe how big Max is now. About the potty thing, I tried all seats and Kaija has been afraid of the normal potty so we have to use a little potty for now. Gross.